Rhinestone Cowgirl boots

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Imagine walking into a room wearing these...definitely unique and eye catching!!
These are some VINTAGE cowgirl boots I found in a thrift store. They were just BEGGING for some personality, so I painted them in bright, neon colors! I painted the toes/backs a dark teal color with multi-colored polka dots on back and a heart on the front with "Rhinestone Cowgirl" written around each one. The tops are kind of an ombre effect with pink, orange and bright yellow with purple swirls and purple straps with a little peace sign on each one. They have been sealed so you can wear them (or display them). I would recommend sealing them every few months if you wear them a lot. Clean them with a damp cloth, allow to dry, the seal. They are size 8M, made in U.S.A. I thought the bottom part was leather, but can't see it marked anywhere, so now I don't know. I do know the top parts are manmade. Heels are 3". You can go to my facebook page to see a few more pics of the boots, including the bottoms so you can see the condition.https://www.facebook.com/media/set/edit/a.10151252919577383.481507.87673442382/#!/media/set/?set=a.10151252919577383.481507.87673442382&type=1

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