2 Sided Holiday Sign

  • $200.00

You're really getting 2 in one here! I painted a Halloween design on one side and Christmas on the other! One side is black with the letter Linus wrote to the Great Pumpkin with some bright orange pumpkins on the bottom. The other side is black with white lettering & designs. This sign is HUGE! It's 47" tall x 21.5" wide. I didn't put a hanger on it because it's so big and heavy, but I  had in mind to prop it somewhere, like  your front porch! It's all hand-painted and a little distressed. This was a shelf from an old store that was  remodeling. It's made of 4 boards attached on each end with a metal strip. It's pretty heavy, so shipping will be higher than normal. If you are local, you can pick it up. If not, if you'll email me first, I can tell you what shipping will cost so you won't get any surprises.  

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