Fairy Tale Clock

  • $250.00

Hand painted fairy tale clock

This is a vintage wooden clock that I hand-painted in blues, greens and purples. I painted the moon clock face in a vintage style with glitter and hand-lettered, "The child's wonder

At the old moon

Comes back nightly.

She points her finger

To the far silent yellow thing

Shining through the branches

Filtering on the leaves a golden sand,

Crying with her little tongue, “See the moon!”

And in her bed fading to sleep

With babblings of the moon on her little mouth." by Carl Sandburg. The shelves are lined with mismatched papers, and I added a back of white beadboard. The clock measures 36.75" tall x 12" wide x 5.5" deep. The clock works and runs on batteries.

Extra shipping will apply due to the size, or you can pick it up at my studio.

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