Zombie Bart Simpson

  • $175.00

I gave this Bart Simpson doll to my nephew MANY years ago...he got tired of him and he's been sitting around in the tree house looking lonely for a long time. When I saw he had been moved to the porch, I brought him ome for a makeover! I stitched up a hole in his "shirt, made him a pair of jeans, added a belt and made him a primitive, roughly made shirt. But most import, I painted him up like a Zombie! I painted his head and hands bright green, shoes black and his eyeballs a sickly yellow. I painted bloodshot veins in his eyes, added some shadows and colors to his face and added some blood smears and spatters all over. Looks like he just had a good lunch, doesn't it? He'd make a great Halloween decoration, but if it were up to me, I'd leave him out all the time. 

He measures 20" tall and he is shown with a doll stand that works great for him and it is included in the price. 

If you want to see more pics of him, click the "more images" links below.

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